We will intensify efforts to control indoor air pollution and implement specific guidelines for action

Source: Jinyun lemon tree Environmental Protection TechnolRelease time: 2021-06-29

Proposals on "indoor air pollution control" over the years

Over the years, during the "two sessions", there are NPC deputies around "strengthening the promotion of indoor air pollution control" to make a proposal, National People's Congress, Meizhou city planning and Design Institute president Zhang Xiaohe one of the proposals is to strengthen the indoor decoration pollution control. Li Feikang, a deputy to the Shanghai Municipal People's Congress, expressed serious concern about indoor pollution.

Chen Saijuan, member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, director of the State Key Laboratory of Medical Genomics at Shanghai Jiao Tong University and chairwoman of the 10th Committee of the Shanghai Association for Science and Technology, focused on formaldehyde.

About indoor air pollution-related incidents

Formaldehyde exceeds bid is the most common kind of pollution in decorating process. National indoor air detects branch to have done relevant statistics, new decorate bedroom harmful gas of 90% above exceeds bid seriously. 68% of pregnant women with fetal malformation is due to serious formaldehyde in the bedroom, 90% of new children with leukemia home decoration within half a year.

In addition, according to the Beijing Chemical substance toxicity Identification Center data: Beijing every year due to toxic decorative materials caused by the acute poisoning events have more than 400, the number of poisoning 100,000 people, 350 people died.

In recent years, indoor environmental pollution has occurred frequently, which has aroused great concern from all walks of life. As "freely formaldehyde room" a matter of uproar, Chen Saijuan also made a response to this topic.

She said that if it is determined that there is formaldehyde in the rented or newly renovated houses, we must pay attention to timely ventilation or purification and other ways to deal with it. If they feel unwell, they should go to the hospital immediately, she said, adding that young people should have a sense of self-protection.

Emphasize the implementation of indoor air quality standards

In addition, it stressed that more attention should be paid to indoor air pollution in public places, especially schools and other public places.

At the same time, aiming at campus air quality, a series of standards related to campus air quality, residential building standards and indoor air quality standards of rail transit have been compiled.

Organized and held "Seminar on Upgrading indoor Air Quality of Commercial Buildings" and other conferences to exchange problems existing in indoor air environment and put forward effective solutions; To carry out the detection and monitoring of indoor air quality in residential, commercial and public buildings; To prepare for the establishment of China Association for Quality Inspection indoor environment quality professional committee, closely around the improvement of indoor environment to carry out various work.

Representative Li Feikang said that some countries have classified indoor air pollution as one of the five environmental factors endangering human health. These countries have established relatively sound legal systems, stipulating that all indoor public places decoration materials and use must meet the standards of environmental protection.

Representative Li Feikang called for the formulation of relevant laws and regulations on air governance in public places, schools and kindergartens, and also hoped that all aspects of society should pay attention to and effectively protect people's health in public places.

The purpose of the building is to provide a safe, healthy and comfortable environment for indoor personnel, on this basis is the trend of social development. Indoor air pollution is related to the living health of every family, everyone should understand and pay attention to it. Improve the awareness of "indoor air management", and the air quality test as an important standard before the new house, to create "aldehyde free" living life, enjoy healthy breathing!