Chinese Society of Environmental Sciences: a good air purifier has many benefits

Source: Jinyun lemon tree Environmental Protection TechnolRelease time: 2020-11-27

More than 80% of people's life time is spent indoors, so indoor air quality is closely related to people's physical and mental health.

Nowadays, air purifiers have become an important tool for people to improve indoor air quality. Can air purifiers really purify the air? Today, I will talk to you from several aspects.

Types of air purifiers

There are mainly the following types of air purifiers on the market at present:

(1) mechanical filter purifier;

(2) adsorption purifier;

③ electrostatic purifier;

④ Anion purifier.

In addition, there are ozone purifiers, photocatalytic purifiers and other new types.

How the purifier works

At present, the basic principles of different types of air purifiers are as follows:

(1) Mechanical filtration.

Glass fiber and polymer materials are mainly used as filtration media to reduce the concentration of particulate matter in the air through physical filtration.

(2) Adsorption.

Including physical adsorption and chemical adsorption. Mainly for some organic harmful gases in the air. The adsorption speed is fast, but the disadvantage is easy to saturation, maintenance is more troublesome, under certain conditions, the adsorbed pollutants will volatilize out to form secondary pollution.

(3) Electrostatic dust removal.

Dust in the air ionizes and moves in a directional direction when passing through a high voltage electric field, thus achieving the purpose of separating particles. Electrostatic purifiers have some health risks because they produce harmful gases such as ozone.

(4) Photocatalysis and chemical catalysis.

Under ultraviolet light and chemical catalysts, some semiconductor materials produce electrons that react with pollutants to break them down into harmless water and carbon dioxide. It's essentially a REDOX reaction. The disadvantage is that sometimes some incomplete oxides will be produced, which becomes a safety hazard.

Can air purifiers purify indoor air?

Different types of purifiers can purify indoor air to different degrees according to their different working principles. We can't see indoor pollutants, there will be a lot of people think that air purifiers are not necessary, in fact, this idea is a misunderstanding.

High quality air purifier can remove haze, in addition to aldehyde, sterilization, many benefits, invisible to protect our health.

But when using air purifiers, we generally close the Windows. If indoor ventilation is not carried out for a long time, indoor oxygen will be reduced, while carbon dioxide exhaled by people or animals will increase, which is not conducive to human health.

Therefore, in addition to the use of air purifiers, when the outdoor air quality is good, attention should also be paid to proper window ventilation.