Tips for using a kitchen garbage disposal unit

Source: Jinyun lemon tree Environmental Protection TechnolRelease time: 2019-08-16

In order to make life more beautiful, make the room more tidy and sanitary, many people choose the kitchen waste disposal. So, the following food waste processor, food waste processor and waste processor manufacturers to understand the matters that need to pay attention to when using.

First, before using the kitchen garbage processor, check the parts of each part of the machine to see if it is sensitive, there is no noise like knock against, and the fixed parts are not stable, in check all aspects of the question is normal after it can be used. Not only that, but also often check to see if it has electricity leakage and water leakage and so on.

Secondly, metal, glass and ceramics and other items can not be put into the garbage processor inside, and after the garbage disposal, assuming that there is a contrast inside the garbage bucket fine fine garbage, directly washed away with water, do not use a hard stick to poke. When the waste with high hardness contrast and large quantity contrast is processed, it is processed in batches.

In addition, a lot of people worry about the use of time, will not plug the sewer. In fact, the kitchen waste disposal will not block the drain. Because the garbage is now ground to a pulp by the garbage disposal, plus the momentum of the water, not only washes away the grease in the pipes, but also cleans and flushes the sewer, which is the best of both worlds.