How can household air purifiers be used for better purification during COVID-19?

Source: Jinyun lemon tree Environmental Protection TechnolRelease time: 2020-11-25

As the epidemic continues to ferment, it is important for home users to keep ventilation indoors, which is an important part of preventing the epidemic at home. It would be even better if you can have a good air purifier at home. However, we also have such a question, home to buy an air purifier, the epidemic virus useful?

First, what is the role of air purifier?

Most of the air purifiers through the motor in the equipment to extract a certain volume of polluted air, after layer upon layer of filtration, release clean air, so as to reduce indoor pollutants, improve air quality and odor removal. If the decoration owner wants to remove the formaldehyde after the decoration, and the user wants to absorb the indoor haze and bacteria, they can be carried out through the air purifier. Of course, the actual process will be much more complicated than we imagine, so we will not repeat it here for the time being.

At present, there is no direct evidence of the absorption or killing effect of household air purifiers on novel Coronavirus. However, according to its principle analysis, staying in the home or office for a long time, even ordinary air purifiers, can improve indoor air quality and reduce the risk of infection, all have certain effects. However, in the face of novel Coronavirus, the air purifier cannot completely adsorb and kill novel Coronavirus.

Two, how to make the air purifier purification effect better

The research thinks, in indoor air harmful substances such as bacteria and viruses often cannot exist alone, usually through droplets, send the attached to the floating in the air, in the form of aerosol particles on the transmission, and the main functions of the air purifier, is to effectively blocking the suspended particles in the air, reach the purpose of cleaning the air. For consumers, if they want the air purifier at home to purify indoor air better, it is suggested that they pay attention to the following three points when using it.

1, put the correct position

Purifier position put some exquisite, if conditions allow the best in the center of the room, especially can not place the filter stick wall, this will make the purification effect, such as must be placed against the wall, you may need to keep a certain distance between wall, ensure the machine in and out of the wind flow, help the indoor air flow.

Do not put the air purifier together with the water container, or with the humidifier, to prevent water vapor into the air purifier, causing damage to the machine, or causing electric shock.

2, timely open the window ventilation

In fact, when the air purifier works normally, it should be carried out in a relatively closed space. This frequent opening of doors and Windows will increase the working pressure of the air purifier and reduce the purification effect. Users can open Windows for ventilation when going out or when the outdoor air is good, appropriate ventilation.

3. Correctly plug and unplug the power supply

If we do not use the air purifier for a long time, we should unplug the power supply. When we unplug the power supply, we should pinch the plug and do not pull the power cord to pull the plug, otherwise it is easy to cause power damage or electric shock.

Air purifiers are good for removing bacteria, viruses, particulate matter, pollen and other substances, so if you are not under financial pressure and want to improve the indoor breathing environment, it is necessary to have an air purifier in your home.