How food waste processors work

Source: Jinyun lemon tree Environmental Protection TechnolRelease time: 2020-08-16

Kitchen food waste has been troubling our life, the launch of food waste processor, by the majority of people love. So what about food waste disposers? The following and food waste processor, food waste processor and waste processor manufacturers to understand the relevant common sense of food waste processor.

Food waste processor is a modern essential household appliance that can quickly sort out perishable food waste. Food waste processor adopts a new method to deal with food waste in modern families: Leftovers, bone spurs of meat and fish, vegetables, melon skins and shells, eggshells, tea leaves, coffee grounds, small bones of poultry and livestock, etc., food waste will form the breeding of bacteria, mosquito growth and other problems, the use of food processor can be useful to promote family health, optimize the home environment, but also to deal with the problem of simple sewage blockage.

The food waste processor is mainly used for food waste destruction treatment. The machine is installed under the kitchen sink, connected with the drainage channel, through a small DC or communication motor to drive the secondary grinding, tertiary grinding cutter head, and the new plateless grinding technology. The primary use of centrifugal force to destroy the food waste in the chamber and repeated destruction back into the sewer.

Food processors can only destroy leftovers, meat and fish bone spurs, vegetables, melon skin and fruit shells, eggshells, tea leaves, coffee grounds, small bones of poultry and livestock and other organic waste. If divided by motor type, can be divided into communication type and DC type, communication type of motor noise, low failure rate, convenient protection, there are many manufacturers produce communication type of motor.

If classified according to the grinding principle, it can be divided into two grinding, and three grinding, grinding knife disc difference lies in different grades, the effect of three grinding is better, the garbage treatment effect of fiber and hard bone is better. By changing the form of food waste to carry out harmless treatment of food waste, food waste can be destroyed into slurry liquid directly cleaning, can achieve even, convenient and fast kitchen cleaning, avoid food waste due to storage and breeding of bacteria, mosquitoes and odor, useful to improve kitchen environmental hygiene.